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Moodle privacy policy


For ITM students

Why is my personal data collected?

We collect the following personal data from you in Moodle: your name, e-mail address, photo, affiliation, your IP address, course(s) followed, grades, your online accesses (logs, for the different learning activities).

We collect and process these data primarily for the administrative management of a course. This entails identifying you as a student, providing you with the proper course material, communicating with you through the Moodle platform, providing tests and examinations for evaluation purposes and finally issuing a course certificate and degree, if you succeed. Your (de-identified) personal data can also be used for the purpose of generating course and/or Moodle platform statistics.

Who has got access to my personal data?

ITM staff, like course administrator/the course coordinator and teachers of the course you are following. Also to ‘non-ITM’ (external) invited lecturers of a specific course, your personal data stored in Moodle will be accessible.

The students enrolled in a course will see basic personal data about their fellow students in that course, such as photo, name and e-mail address.

Access to personal data in Moodle is restricted where possible. Teachers and students only have access to the personal data of the students from the course they are enrolled in.

Since the Moodle platform is hosted on the ITM servers, ITM’s IT unit has access to personal data when providing technical and security support for the platform.

How is my personal data transferred?

Your personal data is only processed with the primary purpose of the course organization. Personal data from Moodle will not be transferred to , except for purposes of verification / authentication of degrees and certificates. Also a secure back-up of the data can be retained by a contracted processor of ITM.

We will not hand out course or degree information to embassies, or (potential) employers or other third parties ( such as degree authentication agencies) contacting us, without your explicit approval. It is up to you as a student to have your degree certified by your applicable authority and provide such copies to third parties wherever needed. ITM can only confirm as double checks of information.

How long is my personal data in Moodle retained?

  • All personal data are retained for the duration of the course and archived up to three years after the course , unless inserted in a Moodle Community of Practice group whereby data are retained as long as the CoP exists.
  • Indefinitely: course results and diploma

In case you have any questions or you wish to receive information about the processing of your data, want a portable copy of your data or request insight to the data we process in Moodle from you, please contact You can also consult the ITM’s privacy policy for students here.


This policy is developed to cover all recordings of education, teaching & learning associated activities These activities include lectures (online or F2F); instructional videos; recorded case-studies; narrated Powerpoint presentations; group-work and tutorials (assignments, student presentations, debate and discussion forums); practicals, field-work, webinars and seminars (online and F2F).

This policy is an ‘opt out’ policy, i.e.  education, teaching & learning associated activities can be recorded unless teaching staff submit a reasonable objection to such recording in written and prior to the activity taking place. Only a recording of a one-on-one contact between a student and a supervisor (e.g. a thesiscoaching or another individual teaching & learning activity), requires an opt in/consent from the student prior to the recording. 

This document should be read in conjunction with ITM’s Regulations on Examinations, Education Regulations, Code of Conduct for the acceptable use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) devices, Moodle Privacy Policy.

Full policy

General policy principles 

  • Recordings of education, teaching & learning associated activities are intended to supplement rather than to replace student attendance at lectures except where you may be unable as a student to attend due to medical reasons, travel restrictions, or other instance of force majeur or in case you are registered for a blended or distance-learning course. 

  • Lectures can be live-streamed via Zoom for synchronous online education. Recorded lectures and other teaching & learning associated activities can be made available to students by download for offline viewing/listening on this Moodle platform, the ITM Learning management system (LMS)

GDPR - Audio and video recordings: notifications, use and editing 

  • Recording of education and teaching & learning associated activities, in particular classroom Lecture Capture (i.e. a live recording of a teaching session made available as a live stream or as a downloadable video film), is deemed to be in the legitimate interest of the ITM’s educational objectives and meeting the conditions stipulated under the GDPR art 6.
  • It is not standard ITM policy to edit recordings beyond topping-and-tailing the beginning and end. Nevertheless, you can request to edit the Lecture Capture recording before being published on the Leanring management system (LMS) platform. The request must specify the purpose, what needs to be edited and discussed with the e-learning coordinator and lecturer in charge. Only reasonable requests to edit out incorrect, inflammatory, or otherwise undesirable content will be considered.
  • The opinions and viewpoints expressed by students and invited lecturers/speakers on the recording are personal and do not necessarily reflect ITM’s position. Responsibility for these viewpoints lies entirely with the student(s) and external lecturers/speakers.
  • Recordings of education, teaching & learning activities will not be used for promotional purposes unless consent is obtained from all identifiable individuals who appear in the recording.
  • When given prior permission from the lecturer, you are allowed to make audio-only recordings for personal use but you can not share the recordings on electronic platforms without consent.

Recording storage, access, removal and dissemination 

  • An electronic platform (Echo360) integrated with the Zoom video conferencing platform will be used for Lecture Capture.
  • Lectures can be live-streamed via Zoom for synchronous online education.
  • Recorded education, teaching and learning associated activities will be stored and available on the ITM Learning management system for 3 years in total (during the academic year followed by 2 additional academic years). After these three years, the recordings – except from the webinar recordings - and their back-ups will be permanently erased from all electronic platforms.
  • All education, learning and teaching associated recordings - except from the webinar recordings - will only be made available to the individuals for whom the recording was intended. In case of broader dissemination, recordings will be fully anonymised or consent will be obtained. 
  • Lecture Capture recordings will be made available on the course page of the Learning management system within 12hours unless otherwise communicated (e.g. editing requests).
  • Recordings of webinars can be made available on the ITM YouTube Channel and/or ITM Alumni platform for an unlimited period in time. 

Data Protection 

See the ‘Moodle Privacy Policy’ for all information on Personal Data Protection.


  • You are informed that photographs are regularly taken at ITM during educational activities. When accepting to pose for the picture, an oral or silent consent applies.
  • For the publication of a portrait picture, written consent of the depicted individual needs to be asked by e-mail. The latter only applies for the use of portrait pictures, not group photo’s or general views.

By clicking on the ‘I agree’ button here below, I acknowledge to have read and understood the policy on audio/video recording and photographing for educational purposes.